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Consists of Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

It also guides the artist through all stages of production like the joint development of the song in the appropriate musical arrangement, its instrumentation and the pre-production.

The studio is based in Vienna AT and offers housing via close by accommodations.


Is the most important step to bring your sound to an international level.

Our main service has provided artists with various chart placements and radio airplays.

The tracks you send in will be optimized and summed up in both analog and digital form.

For remote sessions we'll establish the basic sound with the client via virtual live sessions with HD audio streaming.


This final step in music production optimizes your songs for all popular playback media formats.

(Vinyl, CD, Spotify & iTunes)

So your songs leave a competitive, loud, powerful and transparent impression on every system.


A special highlight is the use of an analog

master-tape machine.



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"I can only recommend LW Sonics. We had a great time in the studio and are more than satisfied with the result. Anytime again!"

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Ben Wood Inferno (GB)

"Go there and record there! And just there!! Equipped with the best of yore and now! The man's clever, funny, on-time, highly skilled and honest!!
(See, does it ring a bell? => all the stuff you were missing at your last recording in some other crappy studio haha!)"

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Young Nails, ex. KFJ

"The performance is just great. Everyone who works with him, will go out happy again"

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"LW SONICS offers fantastic recording rooms with first-class equipment, a lot of know-how, routine and a good feeling for the perfect sound garb. Always happy!"

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Reverend Backflash

"Lukas from LW Sonics is not only an excellent

(and reliable!) Recording engineer but can also incorporate his musical know-how into the production if necessary - and at the same time an excellent Jokter! Definitely one of my most valuable contacts in the business."



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Lukas Wiltschko, BA

Committed to music and the right ambience, I have been affectionately working as a music producer since 2009. With reliability and  profound technical knowledge, every session becomes an empowering event.

Due to my professionalism and experience, I am aware that with the current abundance of music, it is important to stand out. Therefore, the creation of an individual, powerful and hard-hitting sound, in an analog guise, is clearly in my focus.

The way I work at LW Sonics combines my relaxed manner with reliability and professionalism with sympathy, which is how many customers recognize my passion for my work.

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LW Sonics

Lukas Wiltschko

Linzer Straße 237

1140 Wien

VAT/UID: ATU67718106

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